Consultation & Fees

A consultation with an attorney is the essential first step to starting your immigration case.

During this consultation, the attorney will look over all of your documents and qualifications to give you a complete picture of your immigration options. Consultations can be done over the telephone as long as all relevant documents are faxed to our office prior to the consultation.

In order to compensate for the time involved, our office policy is to charge $200 for each consultation. This amount will be credited towards your account if you decide to retain the firm within 30 days of your consultation. Fees for case work are quoted on a flat-fee basis after careful consideration of type of case and complications involved. Fees do not include out-of-pocket expenses such as Department of Homeland Security (DHS) filing fees, courier charges, long-distance telephone calls, etc. After you decide to retain the firm, there will be no further charges for consultations. It is your right to have all aspects of your case carefully and fully explained to you. You can schedule meetings or call to discuss your case as much as is necessary for you to understand your case status and strategies.

For uniquely complicated cases, the firm may charge an hourly fee rather than a flat fee.