Court / Waiver

In recent years, the U.S. government has enacted a series of laws designed to exclude certain classes of aliens from the United States.  These laws and the regulations with which they are implemented have been quite harsh and that is precisely the effect which was intended.  Even, to the extent possible, the laws have been written to prevent appellate review of decisions made by immigration judges.  The consequence of these laws has been the shattering of lives and families through policies of mandatory detention and removal from the U.S. of longstanding residents who may have long ago committed, and even been punished for, what is very often a small time criminal offense or violation of the immigration laws.  The application of these new laws is made even more complex by including every criminal statute of every jurisdiction of the United States in the evaluation process.  Nevertheless, as unforgiving and comprehensive as these laws may be, there are special circumstances in which they do not apply or where the immigration service or an Immigration Judge is permitted to grant a discretionary benefit in the form of a waiver or cancellation of removal when certain conditions are met.  If you or a family member has ever been convicted of a crime or possibly violated the immigration regulations, it is wise to investigate beforehand the potential adverse consequences of seeking of an immigration benefit through the filing of an application with the immigration service or even by seeking re-admission to the U.S. following overseas travel.